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Steel 12″ Round Gong

Steel 12″ Round Gong

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

Steel 12" Round Gong

Steel 12″ Round Gong

Round gong target, 12 inches in diameter.  Made from 10mm thick AR500 hardened steel.  It has two 13mm mounting holes (suitable for M12 bolts – sold separately), for hanging from chain.

The target is painted in gloss white.   The paint will chip off upon bullet impacts, and can be renewed using cheap spray paint from your local hardware store.

To maximise target life and shooter safety, the target should be mounted such that it is able to move/swing freely. The ideal way to mount this target is to hang it from two chains.  We sell a hanging a kit to suit.

These gongs made from 10mm AR500 steel are suitable for rimfires, handguns, and centrefire rifles with muzzle velocity up to about 2500 fps.


  • Round steel gong target, 12 inches (305mm) in diameter
  • Made from 10mm thick AR500 hardened steel
  • Two 13mm mounting holes (suits M12 bolts – sold separately)
  • Painted in gloss white
  • Weight approx 6.75 kg

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