Freight Terms and Conditions

Due to recent changes in Western Australia Police Licensing Services (PLS) policy, firearms and major firearm components can no longer be sent via freight carriers which are not approved by PLS to carry them within Western Australia
This applies to both firearms and major firearm components being sent into, out of or within the state of Western Australia.
Among those not approved is Australia Post.  Due to this, freight charges on affected items could be dramatically more expensive.
There is no clear policy given by PLS on what constitutes a major firearm component – as of the 22nd of October 2017 we know that a plain stock, an unchambered barrel and a firing pin are not considered major firearm components and may be sent in the mail (though licensing requirements may restrict their sale and movements around Australia, but this is a separate issue).  Beaton Firearms is seeking clarification by PLS on every freight request.
When ordering product from this website you will always receive a phone call or email with a quote on the freight to the required destination prior to the amount being charged to your credit card.
If you have any questions regarding freight, please Contact Us