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Barnard GP TAC50 50BMG

Barnard GP TAC50 50BMG

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

Barnard GP TAC50 50BMG

Barnard GP TAC50 50BMG

Full custom 50BMG rifle.

The Barnard GP action is fitted with a competition TSE barrel.

McMillan modified their TAC 50 stock to take this combination specifically for us!


TAC50 McMillan Stock – Pistol Grip
30”Shiny Stainless TSE Barrel with Custom Brake – 3 port threaded (and clamped) brake
Capable of shooting 3km’s (record is approx. 2.4 miles)
Single shot
3 lock lug on bolt
Sale Price: $8,995.00 (without scope)


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