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Butch’s Bore Shine 16oz

Butch’s Bore Shine 16oz

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

Butch's Bore Shine 16oz

Butch’s Bore Shine 16oz

Main use = Copper Solvent

The original benchrest cleaner for any firearm.
Designed by well known bench rest competitor Butch Fisher, this non-abrasive chemical solvent is specifically designed to remove all forms of bore fouling including copper with an absolute minimum of effort and no damage.
It will quickly remove carbon build-up, even in difficult to clean areas like the chamber throat. It also removes lead, wax and even plastic shotgun wad build up.
A significant improvement over conventional solvents, Butch’s can also control the copper fouling by pushing a few patches soaked with Butch’s prior to shooting.
Butch’s is safe to use on normal and stainless barrels, however is not recommended to leave for an extended time period.

When ready, scrub solventĀ out with a brush/jag/mop as needed, and neutralise the barrel with an oil. Ensure barrel is dry before shooting.


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