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CCI .22LR 40gr HP Velocitor 50pk

CCI .22LR 40gr HP Velocitor 50pk

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

CCI .22LR 40gr HP Velocitor 50pk

CCI .22LR 40gr High Velocity Hollow Point Velocitor 50pk


•40 grain gilded hollow point nose at 1435 ft/sec
•22 percent greater energy at 100 yards than regular high-speed hollow points
•Special HP cavity design, derived from Speer® Gold Dot® technology, retains virtually 100 percent bullet weight
•Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner
•Sure-fire CCI priming
•Reusable plastic box that protects and dispenses five cartridges at one time (by sliding back the lid)


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