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Nirey Knife Sharpening Guide

Nirey Knife Sharpening Guide

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

Nirey Knife Sharpening Guide

Nirey Knife Sharpening Guide

Ideal for learning the angle to sharpen or hone knives at.

This guide for steels or stones is a great way to train yourself in developing the ability to consistently sharpen a knife at the same amount of degrees.

Depending on the width of the blade, the guide will allow you to initiate the stroke at approximately 15-20 degrees.

It can be used on a flat water/oil stone or a honing/sharpening steel of any type.

After practicing with the device, one will eventually develop the ability to free hand the stroke with amazing accuracy.


This is the perfect piece of kit for those of us who are challenged trying to keep the correct angle when sharpening on a stone.
Simply clip to the back of you knife and rest on the stone to sharpen to a 15 degree angle.


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