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Remington MK13 .300 WIN MAG Build

Remington MK13 .300 WIN MAG Build

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

Remington MK13 .300 WIN MAG Build

Remington MK13 .300 WIN MAG Build

This Military Replica is based of Chris Kyle’s favoured sniper rifle, the MK13.

The MK13 uses a Remington Long Action and is chambered in .300 WIN MAG with a heavy varmint profile Lilja barrel. This rifle is fitted with an A2 McMillan stock that features the saddle cheek-piece.

The Navy SEAL’s would individually paint their stocks depending on the surrounding terrain, the stock on this replica has a mixture of black & tan mixed into the moulded fibreglass A2 McMillan stock.

All military sniper platforms are fitted with suppressors, however the muzzle attachment on the front of this replica rifle can be used to tune the accuracy of the rifle.


As Chris Kyle used!

Used late 1990’s in the navy

Tan & Black A2 McMillan Stock – Saddle cheek piece
Competition 25” Lilja Barrel with Barrel Tuner – Cerakoted black
Barrel Tuner – turns in and out to adjust accuracy
Schmidt and Bender 4-16 scope #G6685365
Sale Price: $4,495.00 (without scope)

Barrel Tuner on its own = $600.00 (to make)


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