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Wano FG 1kg Black Powder

Wano FG 1kg Black Powder

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

Wano FG 1kg Black Powder

Wano FG 1kg Black Powder

Common Uses: Muzzle Loading Firearms

Granulation: 1.18 – 1.7mm

Wano is a German company that has been continually in production since 1682. The long tradition to manufacture Black Powder continues today. Experience and technical expertise combined with a high commitment to quality and safety standards have enabled WANO to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Black Powder. Due to WANO’s intense research and development program and continuous improvements to their production techniques, CSS are able to reliably supply the traditional as well as niche markets with their numerous special requirements.

Black Powder, the oldest and for a long time the only explosive that is still in use today for special fields of application for pyrotechnic, shooting and blasting purposes. It is also used for military purposes.

Black Powder is an explosive which needs only very little confinement to accelerate ignition to blast. This property makes Black Powder an ideal raw material especially for pyrotechnics purposes, but is used for the manufacture of fuses and igniter cords, as propellants for Sporting Shooters, for special ignition components as well as for quarry and agricultural blasting applications.

Due to its pushing effect, Black Powder is used for controlled blasting’s, for example for the winning of slate or marble and in quarrying of dimension stones.

Black Powder is a mechanical mixture of potassium nitrate, sulphur and charcoal. The standard composition is 75% potassium nitrate, 10% sulphur and 15% charcoal. The ingredients in given proportions are intimately mixed, compacted and then broken in a coming mill. The Black Powder is then grain classified and the resulting grades are glazed with or without graphite depending on the intended use. The chemical composition, the compression, the granulation and the polish are decisive factors for the characteristics of every type of Black Powder.


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